"Cinema for dinner" in restobare "Zvezdny Veranda"

"Cinema for dinner" in restobare "Zvezdny Veranda"

With the screenings on the "Zvezdny Veranda" Your summer will be especially memorable.

Now for a delicious dinner with a glass of semi-dry or foam you can enjoy the evening broadcasts of your favorite movies on the big screen. And all this accompanied by the best sunsets.

Movie showtimes for June:

  • 11.06 — Scent of a woman.
  • 13.06 — the Illusion of deception".
  • 18.06 — "1+1".
  • 20.06 — "interstellar".
  • 25.06 — "About what speak men".
  • 27.06 — the "Legend №17".

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